Mississippi Basketball and Athletics (MBA) Facility

  • A non-for profit, facility outfitted from hardwood to ceiling with top-notch basketball goals, scoreboards and fitness equipment.
  • The building, a former indoor soccer facility has five full-length basketball courts and four volleyball courts, which can be divided into ten basketball practice courts.
  • MBA sits on ten acres of property
  • MBA courts are cushioned maple flooring, similar to portable surfaces installed in many college and professional arenas.
  • Televisions in the facility will allow college and professional basketball games to be shown.
  • Professional sports memorabilia is displayed throughout the building.
  • The gymnasium is operated in an open gym format, however adult and youth sport leagues are run throughout the year.
  • Mississippi Basketball and Athletics is a family oriented sports facility that provide a positive sporting and fitness for both adults and children.
  • Free Weights: With over 2 ton of free weights, including dumbbells, benches and racks.
  • Cardio Area: We have the latest in cardio machines which include an Incline Nordic Track Treadmill (50º incline), Elliptical, Recumbent and Upright Bikes, Treadmills
  • Classes: Classes are taught mornings and evenings to accommodate most schedules. They may include but are not limited to: Boot Camp, Step, Pilates, and traditional aerobics for both youth and adults.
  • Football/Soccer field has lighting and stadium seating for 800. We also have 10 acres of  additional fields
  • Daily guest fee $7.00 (per person)
  • We have suspended membership fees until further notice
  • Court rental fee for full court is $100 per hour and half court is $50 per hour
  • Membership fee $35.00 monthly (per person) Membership Application (Set monthly commitment bank draft)

MBA Gym Floor, Outside Field and Conference Rooms Rental Rate

Application for use of MBA Facilities
Full Court                                                                                                        $100/hour (Basketball Court Application)
Half Court                                                                                                       $50/hour (Basketball Court Application)
Small Conference/Meeting Room (Occupancy – 15 people)                          $75/hour
Medium Conference/Meeting Room (Occupancy – 30 people)                     $85/hour
Large Conference/Meeting Room (Occupancy – 75 people)                         $125/hour
Full Court Daily Rate for events                                                                    $625/per court (Basketball Court Application)
Clean up Fee for events                                                                                  $125/per day
Security for events (two security guards are required)                                   $25/hour each
Football/Soccer Field                                                                                     $150/hour (Football/Soccer Field Application)

Please call Jeffery Lewis at (601) 832-5840 if you need any more information or you want to book an event.